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"A Leader in Sub-Tidal Aquaculture Debris Removal In British Columbia"

Servicing the Sunshine Coast & Vancouver Island

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Debris Removal Operations To Date

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Tonnes of Debris Removed & Recycled



Volunteers & Partnerships

What We Do

Provide Transparent and Professional
Dive and ROV Services

Raising Ocean and Marine Life Awareness

Building A Community Of Oceanwise businesses

Where does the debris come from?

Is the most common question we receive. While there is many reasons behind the debris, we believe action over criticizing is the best form of forward motion.

80% of what is found is over 30 years old. Being produced from previous generations of marine farming, fishing and trapping.  We believe if fingers continue to be pointed at who is to blame, nothing will change.


Recognizing the growing need for debris removal in the Aquaculture Sector, Deep Search has worked closely with the British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA) and its members. The shellfish industry is comprised of many family businesses, recognizing the financial strain the new regulations being enforced March 31 2023; Deep Search Diving and its crew is proud to continue to offer the coasts most affordable commercial dive rates.

Through working with shellfish farmers, students and volunteers; Deep Search strives to educate on the affects of the items removed, how it got there, and what is being done to further prevent these locations from accumulating debris.

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